Monday, May 11, 2009

7 years and counting under ISA for being a Muslim !!!

Mat Sah was arrested under ISA on 18 April 2002. From day one of the arrest, he had never been brought to the court .There was no hearing , no lawyers, no judge and no evidence produced to prove the accusations. He was alledged the member of terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyyah (JI) the name labelled by the Malaysian government.

In 2002, he was detained along with 50 other "members' of JI, but as time flies, in 2009 almost 98 percent of the JIs had been taken out of Kem Kamunting under yearly selected releases .

Now in 2009, Mat Sah is still occupying one of the blocks in the Kem. There is no specific reason given by the authority as to why he is still detained there. May be these facts can explain why he is detained further.....

1- He is not a Hindraf member.
2- He is not a Chinese.
3- He is not an Indian.
4- He is not a Non Muslim.
5- He is not a foreigner ie Indonesian or Filipino or Siamese or a Pakistani.
6- After 7 years, there's no hearing, no testified, no evidence produced in court, infront of the Judge to support the accusations that he is one of the Muslim terrorists.
7- After 7 years,there's no proof that he is the member of JI.

But, one clear thing for sure,from 2002 until now, he is a Muslim.

The end of the puzzle showed that , as long as he IS a Muslim, he would be or could be forever being accused as the member of Jemaah Islamiyyah(JI) that gave threat to the National Security...that made him eligible to be detained further and longer....

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